SIN 4646 SIN 4646 Ferplast
SIN 4646  Ferplast
SIN 4646  Ferplast
SIN 4646 SIN 4647 Ferplast
SIN 4646  Ferplast


SIN 4646Small rabbit house, made of FSC® certificated wood. Different sizes.

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  • House for rabbits
  • Made of FSC® certificated wood, from sustainable managed forests
  • Equipped with holes for air circulation
  • SIN 4646: height 16 cm, length 33 cm, depth 23.6 cm
  • SIN 4647: heigth 20 cm, length 37, depth 27.7 cm

SIN 4646 and its bigger version SIN 4647 are two wooden houses suitable, due to their dimensions, for rabbits.
Designed with a nice shape with a flat roof and front entrance, they are decorated with graceful holes that also facilitate air circulation. With respect for the environment, SIN 4645 and SIN 4647 are part of SIN range of houses for small animals and are made using exclusively FSC® certificated wood, that is sourced only from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

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