RANCH 120 MAX  Ferplast
RANCH 120 MAX  Ferplast
RANCH 120 MAX  Ferplast
RANCH 120 MAX  Ferplast
RANCH 120 MAX  Ferplast
RANCH 120 MAX  Ferplast
RANCH 120 MAX  Ferplast
RANCH 120 MAX  Ferplast


RANCH 120 MAXRabbit hutch, made of FSC™ certified wood, with two floors, equipped with pull-out lower structure



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  • Two floors rabbit hutch
  • Made of FSC™ certified Nordic pine wood, coming from sustainable managed forests and other controlled sources
  • Treated with special non-toxic varnish
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • The ground floor is fenced off and removable to double the living space
  • The upper floor has roomy poo trays made of plastic with high walls, removable from the outside and protected by a door
  • Ladder that leads to the house for resting, accessible from the outside through the front door
  • Liftable roof and supporting arm
  • Accessories included: hay feeder, drinking bottle, bowl and ladder
  • Total dimensions of the hutch with roof: 117 x 69 x h 107 cm
  • Interior dimensions of the hutch: 108 x 58 cm
  • Interior dimensions of the rabbit house: 32 x 52 cm

Ranch 120 Max rabbit hutches are particularly large and divided into several areas, designed to satisfy all the rodent's needs and guarantee maximum comfort at any time of the day.
On the ground floor, for example, perfect for daytime activities, you will find a pen delimited by a sliding wire net which allows you to double the space and the living comfort available to the friendly rodent. The pen has a sliding door with safety closing hook, fully accessorised with a plastic feeder, drinking bottle, bowl for food and ladder to enter the upper floor, dedicated instead to night activities or any daytime rest. This quieter area is equipped with a large plastic bottom ideal to contain the litter and a wooden ramp that gives access to a comfortable rabbit house. The house has a openable front door and it is also equipped with a safety lock.

The habitat is particularly sturdy, perfect for the outside, built with FSC™ certified Nordic pine wood, that is sourced from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards and other controlled sources. The wood is protected by an environmentally-friendly non-toxic anti-mould varnish that is UV-resistant and water repellent, applied with flow-coating technology for perfect protection through time. To increase the life of the structure, the boards are very carefully assembled using screws.

Equipped with a useful central pull-out tray, perfect to collect dirt, food or litter leftovers, hidden by a wooden folding door that can be locked by means of special hooks and a roof that can be completely opened with a support arm. The opening that gives access to the lower floor is also equipped with a closing cover, very practical during cleaning operations, and raised edge to prevent the litter from falling down.

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