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Toy PA 6386Dental toy for dogs, made of thermoplastic rubber and nylon. Different sizes available.



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  • A thermoplastic and nylon toy for dogs
  • Shaped like a bone with useful dental action
  • It gives your pet's gums a pleasant massage
  • Fun is guaranteed
  • Available in different sizes
This dog toy is made of thermoplastic rubber and nylon and has a classic bone shape, making it irresistible to our four-legged friends! Available in various sizes, PA 6386 and PA 6388, it is useful for satisfying your pet's natural need to bite. A pleasant and useful pastime for your furry friend, as it is equipped with rings that have a pleasant massaging effect on your pet's gums. The material used to produce it that makes it particularly tough, not forgetting its pleasant appearance, obtained thanks to the colourful translucent effect.

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