NIKITA P XXS / Red Ferplast
NIKITA P  Ferplast
NIKITA P XXS / Black Ferplast
NIKITA P  Ferplast
NIKITA P  Ferplast
NIKITA P XXS / Blue Ferplast
NIKITA P  Ferplast
NIKITA P XS / Black Ferplast
NIKITA P  Ferplast
NIKITA P XS / Red Ferplast
NIKITA P XS / Blue Ferplast
NIKITA P S / Black Ferplast
NIKITA P  Ferplast
NIKITA P S / Red Ferplast
NIKITA P S / Blue Ferplast
NIKITA P M / Black Ferplast
NIKITA P M / Red Ferplast
NIKITA P M / Blue Ferplast


NIKITA PTechnical harness for dogs made of breathable nylon. Reflective seams. In various colours and sizes.

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  • Breathable nylon to guarantee your animal's maximum comfort
  • Lightweight, allows your friend not to suffer heat in the summer
  • Sporty design with logo applied on the front side in contact with the animal's chest
  • Reflective inserts to be visible even in the evening or night
  • Adjustable thanks to sliding buckles
  • Closure with convenient clip clips
  • Ideal for trekking and jogging, perfect for everyday walks
  • In different sizes and colors
If you like doing a little sport in your four-legged friend's company, the Nikita harnesses are just what you were waiting for! These dog harnesses are perfect for sports like trekking and jogging and are also ideal for daily walks. They are made of breathable nylon, withstand your pet's pulling and are durable. The special technical material used to make these harnesses ensures your furry friend the utmost comfort, thanks also to the special padding, which is thicker in the area in contact with his chest. The harness is light and prevents your dog from feeling too hot, especially in the summer; it is simple to put on, can be adjusted quickly, thanks to the plastic sliding clasps, and it is safe thanks to a snap clip!

Nikita harnesses also have reflective edges, to make sure that your pet can be seen even in dim lighting, during walks in the evening or at night. They are available in different sizes and are ideal for small and medium-sized dogs. Based on your preferences, you can choose from the different colours available.

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