NATURAL GA GA12/200 / Black Ferplast
NATURAL GA GA12/200 / Natural leather Ferplast
NATURAL GA GA18/200 / Black Ferplast
NATURAL GA GA18/200 / Natural leather Ferplast
NATURAL GA GA22/200 / Black Ferplast
NATURAL GA GA22/200 / Natural leather Ferplast


NATURAL GAExtendable leather dog lead. Different sizes and colours available.



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  • Leather dog lead ideal to train your animal
  • Accurate finishes with strong seamings
  • Extensible to maximum 200 cm.
  • Three models and two colours available
Made from leather, Natural GA is a lead ideal for training your dog since it is extendable to 200 cm length. Like all the dog products belonging to the Natural range, GA as well distinguishes for the refined elegance of finishes and in the choice of materials.

Natural GA is available in three different width: 12, 18 or 22 mm. All the models present the possibility to adjust the length from 120 to 200 cm. According to your tastes, you could choose the most suitable lead for your dog in the natural leather or the black colour.

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