KROLIK 160 Default Title Ferplast
KROLIK 160  Ferplast
KROLIK 160  Ferplast
KROLIK 160  Ferplast
KROLIK 160  Ferplast
KROLIK 160  Ferplast
KROLIK 160  Ferplast
KROLIK 160  Ferplast
KROLIK 160  Ferplast
KROLIK 160  Ferplast
KROLIK 160  Ferplast


KROLIK 160Cage for rabbits complete with separation grill



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  • Rabbit cage
  • Large living space, ideal to home even more animals
  • Grid that allows you to separate the habitat into two divided spaces
  • Larger bottom to guarantee a more room for your animal
  • Varnished metal mesh
  • Openable front door
  • Newly developed closing clips, safe and practical
  • Included accessories: bowl, drinking bottle, hay feeder, plastic house, partition with steps
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Practical assembly and disassembly system
  • Space-saving packaging

Krolik is the range of cages for rabbits characterised by a completely knock down system of both net and bottom. Supplied in space-saving packaging, Krolik rabbit habitats minimise transport volume while ensuring maximum living space thanks to the design of the base.
The model Krolik 160 ensures your rabbit has a large and comfortable space, equipped with all the comforts they need. Inside, you'll find a plastic house with a bowl, a hay feeder and a drinking bottle. The habitat is ideal for hosting even more rabbits together: thanks to a special removable grid, it is possible to create two separate areas, ideal for allowing rabbits to build their own nests in a private area leaving them with all the peace of mind they need. The bottom of the cage can be released with extreme ease, while maintaining a complete security since the fastening clips, recently restyled, are designed to prevent the animal escaping, reliable and simple to use.

Like all the rabbit habitats in the Krolik range, the 160 model also has a fully liftable front net, ideal for easy access for daily maintenance operations. Easy to assemble, the Krolik 160 cage can be assembled in a very short time by following the steps you will find in the assembly instructions: the side edges, for example, can be attached to the bottom with a simple click.

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