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KARAT 60  Ferplast


KARAT 60Glass hamster and mice cage



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  • Glass habitat with liquid-resistant wooden shelves
  • Structure on many floors connected by ladders
  • Deep tank where your pet can dig and hide
  • Three sizes to choose according to your needs
  • Accessories for hamsters or mice included
Karat is the new concept glass hamster and mice cage offering a particular transparency and therefore a complete vision of your rodent inside. The original depth of the tank allows your pet to dig and hide himself in the sawdust; the wooden shelves, treated with a special liquid-resistant varnish, allow your hamster to do some exercise and to have some specific areas for the different daily activities. Karat upper part is made of robust narrow wire net, especially designed to ensure great safety thus avoiding rodents can pass through the crossbars.

Karat is available in three different sizes you can choose according to your needs. All the cages are complete with accessories like house for sleeping, bowl, drinking bottle and exercising wheel. Included in the package, you will also find 4 plastic feet ensuring a perfect base and great stability of the tank. In order to ensure great ease of cleaning, at last, the upper wire net part can be completely unlocked; small opening doors in the front and upper side allow besides quick maintenance operations.

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