HEN HOUSE 30 Default Title Ferplast
HEN HOUSE 30  Ferplast
HEN HOUSE 30  Ferplast
HEN HOUSE 30  Ferplast
HEN HOUSE 30  Ferplast
HEN HOUSE 30  Ferplast
HEN HOUSE 30  Ferplast
HEN HOUSE 30  Ferplast


HEN HOUSE 30Chicken house, made of FSC™ certified wood



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  • Garden chicken house
  • It can accommodate up to 6 hens
  • Made of FSC™ certified Nordic pine wood from forests managed correctly and responsibly and other controlled sources
  • Raised off the ground
  • Door with sliding door for the entry and exit of animals via a ladder
  • Roof can be raised and equipped with a locking system
  • Roof treated with a special paint that makes it perfectly waterproof
  • Interior equipped with wooden perch, protective grid and removable dirt tray
  • Hatching house for eggs separated from the main structure, accessible through the side door

Hens in the garden or in the kitchen garden? Simple, thanks to Hen House 30! This chicken house perfect for outdoors, is suitable for hosting up to a maximum of six cute birds. It is a sturdy and resistant product, manufactured using wooden boards assembled with care using mainly screws. The house is made of FSC™ certified Nordic pine wood, that is, coming from forests managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards and other controlled sources, protected thanks to an ecological non-toxic and anti-mold impregnating paint, resistant to UV rays and water repellent. The paint, applied using a particular flow-coating technology, ensures a perfect durability of the product over time. Furthermore, to guarantee good thermal insulation, the roof of the chicken coop is coated with a special waterproof resin resistant to atmospheric agents.

The Hen House 30 hut rests on sturdy legs with plastic feet and inside is divided into two separate areas: a hut for the collection of eggs, equipped with an opening side door with safety lock, and a larger area complete with perch , dirt collection tray and metal grill that helps keep the indoor environment clean by preventing birds from coming into contact with dirt. A useful wooden ladder allows the hens to get on and off easily. The entrance door is sliding and has a nice stylized design.

The chicken coop has a fully opening roof with support arm and locking system for maintenance. At the bottom, a plastic tray for collecting dirt can be easily removed for routine cleaning operations.

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