GEO MEDIUM / Acid green Ferplast
GEO  Ferplast
GEO LARGE / Blue Ferplast
GEO  Ferplast
GEO EXTRA LARGE / Red Ferplast
GEO  Ferplast
GEO MAXI / Acid green Ferplast
GEO  Ferplast


GEOContainer for small animals, fishes, turtles and insects



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  • Large plastic tank
  • Removable lid
  • Handle for transport (larger models not included)

Geo is a complete range of plastic tanks available in five different sizes. Ideal to keep fish for short period, when for example you have to clean your aquarium, they have a removable cover and a useful carrying handle (not included in the larger models Geo Extra Large and Geo Maxi).

Geo plastic tanks come in different colours.

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