Parrot professional cage
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  • Wire metal robust structure treated with anti-scratch varnish
  • Wide door with two security locks
  • Removable upper door for bird freetime
  • Wooden upper perch
  • Large tray for dirt collection with grill
  • Slide out metal panels to collect seeds and dirt
  • Accident-prevention corners in high resistant plastic
  • Complete with wheels for easy moving
  • Save-space system, reduced volume when knocked-down
This cage is perfect for parrot experts and enthusiasts! Expert birdcages have a solid metal frame and very thick wire mesh that is 4-5 mm in diameter and is completely protected by scratch-resistant paint. They are available in three sizes, 70, 80 and 100. They have a large door at the front, which is very safe, thanks to a fastening system with hook and padlock. The same system is also used on the lateral protective panels, to which the swivel feeders are attached. These allow you to easily add food from the outside and are equipped with a removal-guard system that prevents your birds from pulling them out of their position. In addition, thanks to the fully removable sliding roof, your parrot can get out, climb the metal ladder placed in the top part of the cage and walk along the wooden perch.
With regard to cleaning, don't worry - it will be easy to keep your cage looking perfect at all times! At the bottom, there is a spacious tray with a protective grate.
Expert is equipped with four removable metal panels all around the outer perimeter, designed for collecting seeds and to avoid soiling the floor. It also has accident-proof plastic corners.

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