COMFORT 1 Default Title Ferplast
COMFORT 1  Ferplast


COMFORT 1Bird perch, made of plastic



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  • Adjustable lenght
  • Covered by soft rubber to avoid feet injuries
  • Available in two sizes, for different birds species
  • Extensible to maximum 36,2 cm
  • The package contains 2 pieces
Comfort plastic bird perches are extendable and coated in soft rubber to prevent injuries and calluses on your bird's delicate feet. They can be easily applied thanks to a special fastening system with which they are equipped. Comfort bird perches are available in two different sizes: Comfort 1 and Comfort 2. The small size, Comfort 1, is suitable for canaries, exotic birds and other small birds. The large size, Comfort 2, is suitable for cockatiels and budgies and can also be used for cockatiels and small parrots.

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