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Dog toys & dog agility

Frisbees for dogs, squeaky toys, dental ropes, rubber bones that provide a healthy stimulation of the gums, balls, retrieving toys and so many other items ready to be enjoyed! Your dog can’t wait to play with them! And you?
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  • Toy PA 6488 Polyurethane dental toy for dogs
  • Toy PA 6401 Chewing toy for dogs. Made of resistant thermoformed rubber. Different sizes.
  • Toy PA 6414 Dog ball made of thermoplastic rubber. Different sizes.
  • Toy PA 6386 Dental toy for dogs, made of thermoplastic rubber and nylon. Different sizes available.
  • Toy PA 6525 Dog toy made of cotton. Differente sizes.
  • PA 6521 Dog toy made of cotton. 2 sizes.
  • Toy PA 6730 Retrieving toy for dogs made of jute. Different sizes.
  • Toy PA 6430 Dog toy made of cotton and tough rubber. Different sizes.
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