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SKU: FC000750

EAN: 8010690176536

Car carrier for dogs

Only available

If you're leaving on a trip with Fido, or if you just need to take him with you in a car trip and are looking for a roomy and cosy carrier that is also compact, the ideal solution is absolutely Ferplast's Atlas Car Scenic. This innovative pet carrier is made of sturdy and resistant thermoplastic resin and offers your pet a bright and well-ventilated environment, thanks to the large surfaces with a coated steel grid on the front and back and ventilation grids on the sides. Your dog will have more visibility, which avoids the feeling of being closed in.

This car carrier has three other important features. It has a double sliding door that opens in both directions (left and right), with safety closure that, together with the low inferior edge, make it easier for your pet to climb in. The draining hygienic pad made of plastic positioned in the bottom makes sure your pet is always on a dry surface.
Atlas Car Scenic can be fully disassembled thanks to its particular manufacturing, making it possible to reduce its volume and to place its various components or accessories within the base.

In addition, on the upper part there are handy compartments where you can place travel accessories, such as leash, plastic bags or snacks. Finally, the carrier comes with a hook for the Drinky Dog water bowl and Hanging Bowls for dog food. Available as accessories, you can also find an inner separation panel if you're carrying two dogs, a set of wheels and a curtain that is very easy to install, super useful to make sure Fido has a calm journey.
To make your dog's house even more comfortable, you can add cushions made of technical fabric, our Jolly model: the Jolly 80 is perfect for Atlas Car 80 Scenic, while Jolly 100 is suitable for Atlas Car 100 Scenic.

Perfect for medium and large dogs, Atlas Car Scenic is available in two sizes, 80 and 100. Ready to go?
  • Sturdy and light thermoplastic resin carrier
  • Patented design
  • Perfect for carrying your dog in the car, in absolute safety and comfort
  • Wide grid panels for air circulation inside
  • Sliding door with grid running in both directions, with a solid safety closure
  • Two compartments on the upper part
  • Practical handles to make it easier to lift the cage
  • Draining plastic pad
  • Possibility to apply a division panel to split the inner space in two, if you're carrying two dogs
  • Jolly technical fabric cushion available as an accessory
  • Possibility to apply wheels and curtain, as optional accessories
  • Ready for use with the Drinky Dog water bowl and the Hanging Bowls for dog food
  • Dimensions:
  • Atlas Car 80 Scenic for a medium-sized dog or two small dogs: 82 x 51 x 61 cm
  • Atlas Car 100 Scenic for a large dog or two small-medium dogs: 100 x 60 x 66 cm
  • Atlas Car 80 Scenic maximum capacity: 20 kg
  • Atlas Car 100 Scenic maximum capacity: 40 kg
  • Please download the assembling instructions for this product

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