PIANO 4Cage for canaries and other small birds



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  • Cage for canaries and other small birds
  • Plastic bottom with removable dirt collection drawers to facilitate cleaning
  • Corrosion resistant painted metal mesh
  • Corner supports for great solidity
  • Front access door equipped with safety locking hook
  • Accessories included: 2 Brava 2 rotating feeders, 1 external drinking bottle, 1 vegetable clip, 5 perches, 1 swing
  • ECO-SUSTAINABLE: made of recycled plastic and iron
  • Recommended optional: Stand F 71

  • Overall dimensions 59 x 33 x h 55 cm
  • Internal dimensions 58 x 31,5 x h 51,5 cm

Piano 4 is a bird cage with a clean and essential design, characterized by a painted metal mesh structure with a roof equipped with corner supports to guarantee maximum solidity and safety. Very spacious, it is suitable for birds such as canaries or small exotic birds. It is also equipped with a high plastic bottom with removable drawer for easy and quick cleaning. Accessories included: plastic perches, drinking bottle, vegetable clip, bird swing, rotating and removable Brava 2 feeders. Really practical, these feeders were designed to be rotated 180° without leaving any opening from which the bird can escape. they have useful edges that prevent food from falling out of the cage.
If desired, the Piano 4 habitat can be combined with the plastic support F 71.

Within the Piano range, you will find particularly comfortable habitats that can accommodate even more birds together. Among the larger models, we remember for example Piano 5, Piano 6, Piano 7 and 8.

Piano are eco-sustainable products: they are in fact produced with material from industrial and post-consumer recycling, for the safeguard of the environment in which we live together with our animal friends.

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