BARN 120
BARN 120
BARN 120
BARN 120
BARN 120
BARN 120
BARN 120
BARN 120
BARN 120


BARN 120

Rabbit cage with accessories included. Theme: American barn.
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  • Rabbit cage
  • Theme: American barn
  • Bottom made of sturdy thermoplastic resin to contain dirt, litter or sawdust
  • Mesh made of solid varnished metal
  • Ladder that allows the animal to enter and exit freely
  • The ladder also acts as a closure of the habitat
  • A convenient ramp connects the rabbit house to the upper floor
  • Fully opening roof to access the interior
  • Plastic upper frame equipped with locking hooks for greater safety
  • Cage easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning
  • Bottom and net can be separated by releasing the hooking tabs
  • Accessories included: 1 feeder, 1 drinking bottle, 1 bowl, 1 nest-house-nest, 1 shelf with ladder
  • Available in different sizes
  • ECO-SUSTAINABLE: made of recycled plastic and iron

  • Overall dimensions: 119 x 58 x h 77 cm

  • Possibility of applying the Metrò universal connection system consisting of: tunnel, fittings and house
  • The Metrò tunnel can be connected on the front side by removing the door, it must be fixed with clips

Here is an American barn with its typical raised roof! Barn really looks like a barn. We're sure you'll like it!
Our Barn 120 rabbit habitat is very roomy so your bunny will be super comfortable. Equipped with accessories such as feeder, bowl and drinker, its lower level is a relaxing area with a plastic little house. A set of stairs will take your bunny to the living area upstairs. The cage is solid and sturdy, made of varnished metal mesh with a roomy base made of thermoplastic resin, to keep dirt from spilling out. On the front, a comfortable ladder allows the small animal to go out and enter independently. The roof can be completely opened for full access for everyday cleaning and comes with practical closing clips.
For more thorough cleaning, it is then possible to completely separate the bottom and the roof by releasing the fastener clips on the sides.
Barn can be fully disassembled and is also available in other sizes, 80 and 100.

Furthermore, it is possible to apply the Metrò universal connection system (tunnel, fittings and small house) to the cage, thus expanding the space available to your friend: have fun creating many new paths by encouraging exercise and moments of leisure!

Barn are eco-sustainable products: they are in fact produced with material coming from industrial recycling and post-consumption, for the safeguard of the environment in which we live together with our animal friends.

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