POWER ADAPTERTransformer for aquarium LED bars



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  • Transformer for aquarium LED bars
  • Comes with adapter and wiring with switch
  • Can be bought separately
  • To be used only with Hydor LED light bars
  • Hermetically sealed wiring IP67
  • Runs on safe low voltage (12 V)

Power Adapter is a transformer for aquarium LED bars and comes with hermetically sealed (IP67) wiring and switch. Runs on safe low voltage (12 V). Purchased separately, it is to be used only with Hydor LED bars.

Preliminary warnings.
The adapter is to be used only with Ferplast LED bars. The connectors between the LED bar and the adapter must be properly attached and the nut screwed in tightly to make sure no water gets into the mechanism. For more information, please consult the product instructions manual.

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