KROLIK 200Rabbit cage complete with a detachable extension and a separator



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  • Large rabbit cage
  • Perfect accommodation even for several pets
  • Patented base guaranteeing greater surface area for your furry friend
  • Painted wire mesh
  • Useful openable side walls
  • Equipped with an extension with a useful metal divider panel
  • Accessories included: 1 bowl Party 4, 2 water bottles, 2 feeding troughs for hay, 1 small plastic house, 1 partition with steps
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Practical assembly and disassembly system
  • Space-saving packaging

The perfect accommodation for cute bunnies! Krolik 200 is a comfy and spacious two-metre long habitat that will ensure your little pets a great deal of space for daily activities. Thanks to its generous dimensions, it is also the perfect accommodation for several pets together. Like all the rabbit cages in this range, this model is also characterized by a system in which both the wire mesh and the base can be completely and easily disassembled. All the Krolik rabbit habitats come in practical space-saving packaging, reducing transportation space to a minimum, nevertheless ensuring maximum living space thanks to the special design of the base with no flaring. They are made of solid painted metal with a plastic base.

The Krolik 200 metal is equipped with accessories including feeding troughs for hay, water bottles, a bowl and a little house that has a partition with steps. A useful metal separator makes it possible to divide the habitat into two spaces: this is very useful during the weaning phase of the young rabbits, for example, keeping the mother rabbit separate from the young rabbits.

Wire mesh and base are joined by special clips, designed for the safety of your pets. Lastly, the Krolik 200 cage is easy to handle as it is simple and quick to keep clean and tidy and it is equipped with large side doors that can be opened, allowing easy access to the inside of the cage.

Alongside the 200 model, the Krolik range of rabbit habitats includes models that vary in size and colour that you can choose from, based on your space requirements and those of your cute little pet.

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