PICO 250-400
PICO 250-400
PICO 250-400
PICO 250-400


PICO 250-400Universal submersible centrifugal pump for aquariums, fountains and turtle tanks. With flow regulator.



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  • Universal submersible centrifugal pump
  • Suitable for all types of fresh and marine water aquariums
  • Also suitable for table fountains and interior decorative items, turtle tanks and aquaterrariums
  • Small size
  • High performance with low energy consumption
  • Adjustable flow rate to adapt to the most diverse applications and uses
  • Works with low water level
  • The pump works both vertically and horizontally
  • This pump is intended for indoor use only in water having a temperature not exceeding 35° C

  • Available in different models:
  • 250 of 4,5 W, maximum pump flow rate 270 l/h, maximum head 50 cm
  • 400 of 4 W, maximum pump flow rate 385 l/h, maximum head 70 cm

The range of PICO pumps guarantees high performance, small size and total safety. All models, even the smallest, have a flow regulation and are ideal for applications in fresh and marine aquariums, turtle tanks and aquaterrariums, table fountains sets and interior decorating articles.

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