LED SHOWLED spotlight for aquariums



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  • LED spot light for aquariums
  • Create awesome lighting effects
  • Low voltage, safe and energy saving
  • Long duration
  • It does not generate heat
  • It does not favor the growth of algae and does not disturb the fish
  • Easy to position thanks to the special suction cup on the side walls, on the back or on the base of the tank
  • Applicable to the Bubble Show aerator sold separately
  • Power 2 W
  • Available in different colours to customize the tank as you prefer

Low voltage LED mini spotlights are safe and energy saving: they don’t release heat or promote algae growth and don’t harm in any way the wellbeing of fish or other aquarium animals. High quality components guarantee amazing light effects for a long time. Choose the colour you prefer and make your aquarium unique!

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