BLURINGSCeramic rings for biological filtering



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  • High micro-porosity ceramic rings
  • They ensure effective biological filtration of the aquarium water
  • They promote the beneficial bacteria to develop allowing the elimination of polluting substances present in the aquarium
  • Suitable for both fresh and marine water
  • Can be inserted in the suitable compartment of the internal and external filters for aquariums
  • Package of 500 g
  • Dimensions: diameter 1,6 cm

Blurings by Hydor are high micro-porosity ceramic rings which ensures an efficient biological filtering: in effect, they promote the correct filtering bacteria to develop and eliminate the polluting substances.
They can be inserted in the suitable compartment of the internal aquarium filter or external aquarium filter, they are suitable for fresh and marine water.
Packaging of 500 g. Rinse before using.

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