External filter for fresh and marine water, complete with filtering materials and pump
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  • Effective external filtering system for fresh and marine water aquariums
  • Four stages of filtration: mechanical (2 stages: coarse sponge, fine sponge), absorptive and biological
  • Tank made from shockproof material complete with supporting feet
  • Resistant hooks filled with fibreglass equipped with safety closure to prevent accidental opening
  • Pump incorporated in the cover, complete with ceramic shaft and overheat protection
  • Filter complete with self-priming system
  • Suitable lever to open or close the valves and flow adjusting, with safety system included
  • Intake pipe adjustable height
  • Outlet with spray bar for high water oxygenation and directable nozzle
  • Special EPDM rubber gaskets to ensure a high tightness between container and lid
  • Including secure pipes in non-toxic PVC, with diametre 15/21 mm
  • Complete with Bluclear activated carbon sponges, Blumec mechanical sponges and Blurings ceramic rings
  • Supplied with Blustart capsules of bacterial activator, they speed up the maturation process of the filter
  • Removable plastic baskets for easy extraction of filtering materials
  • Three models: 700 l/h with 12 W pump ideal for aquariums up to 150 litres, 1100 l/h with 16 W pump for tanks up to 300 litres and 1500 l/h with 32 W pump suitable for aquariums up to 500 litres

Practical to install, safe in tightness and with a good mechanical and especially biological filtration capacity: Bluextreme is the external aquarium filter which answers to these requests! This external filter is ideal both for fresh and marine water, complete with filtering materials, pump and accessories. Bluextreme guarantees a direct flow of the water without preferential passages from the inlet to filter bottom and then to the different filtration stages.
The Bluextreme external filter is available in 3 models: the 700 model is ideal for example for aquariums up to 150 litres, the 1100 model for tanks up to 300 litres and the 1500 model for aquariums up to 500 litres.
Here is explained how it works: in the first and second stage, there is a mechanical filtration with coarse sponge and then fine sponge. Afterwards, thanks to the active carbon sponge, adsorptive filtrations uccurs; at last, there is a biological filtration with ceramic rings.
Bluextreme has an easy self-priming system, a safety lever for valves opening and closing and flow adjusting, an apposite lever to unblock and remove pipes fixing block.
The tank made from shockproof material is resistant and inclusive of supporting feet; the hooks for filter closure are made from material filled with fibreglass. High tightness is guaranteed by gaskets in EPDM rubber and by ring nuts in non-toxic PVC with diameter of 15/21 mm. The pump is incorporated in the cover, has overheat protection and ceramic shaft included, complies with the European standard EN60335-2-41.
The Bluextreme aquarium filter comes complete with Bluclear activated carbon sponges, Blumec mechanical sponges and ceramic rings, all also available as spare parts. If you prefer, instead of active carbon sponges, it is possible to use the suitable granules of active carbon or zeolite. For mechanical filtration, for example, Blufibre perlon wool can be used as an alternative.
Extracting the filtering materials from the tank is really simple thanks to the practical baskets equipped with adjustable handles. During maintenance operations, you can extract the valve unit from the filter cover thanks to the practical lever. Bluextreme is also equipped with a practical carrying handle, sized to support it even when it is full of water.
Finally, the Bluextreme external filter adapts to any need thanks to the universal connection of the tubes to the aquarium tank. The outlet fittings from the filter cover can be rotated 360 °, can be connected to the PVC pipes easily and safely.

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