Adjustable flow air pump for aquariums
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  • Aquarium aerator with adjustable air flow
  • Absolutely silent
  • It can be fixed to the wall by means of the appropriate hole
  • Can be placed in multiple positions, above or below the water level
  • Equipped with rubber feet to reduce vibrations
  • Accessories included: non-return valve and 2m silicone hose
  • Independent outlet nozzles with adjustable flow rate
  • 1 exit nozzle in the models Airfizz 50 and 100
  • 2 exit nozzles in the models 200 and 400

  • Available in different models:
  • Airfizz 50, power 2 W, maximum pump flow rate 50 l/h, pressure 120 mbar
  • Airfizz 100, power 3 W, maximum pump flow rate 100 l/h, pressure 150 mbar
  • Airfizz 200, power 4 W, maximum pump flow rate 100 l/h (x2), pressure 150 mbar (x2)
  • Airfizz 400, power 5 W, maximum pump flow rate 200 l/h (x2), pressure 200 mbar (x2)

Airfizz is a silent aquarium air pump with adjustable flow. Included inside the package, you will find a silicone tube (2m) and a non-return valve. Airfizz air pumps for aquariums can be fixed to the wall thanks to their suitable hole; they can be placed in different positions, above or below water level.
Available in four models, different for water flow (from 50 to 200l/h) and power (from 2 to 5 W), aquarium air pumps Airfizz have one or two exit nozzles, with adjustable flow: one nozzle in the smaller models Airfizz 50 and 100, two nozzles in the models Airfizz 200 e 400. Useful rubber feet at the base have been created to limit vibrations.

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