NATURAL C C10/27 / Black Ferplast
NATURAL C C10/27 / Natural leather Ferplast
NATURAL C C15/35 / Black Ferplast
NATURAL C C15/35 / Natural leather Ferplast
NATURAL C C20/43 / Black Ferplast
NATURAL C C20/43 / Natural leather Ferplast
NATURAL C C25/45 / Black Ferplast
NATURAL C C25/45 / Natural leather Ferplast
NATURAL C C25/53 / Black Ferplast
NATURAL C C25/53 / Natural leather Ferplast
NATURAL C C30/55 / Black Ferplast
NATURAL C C30/55 / Natural leather Ferplast
NATURAL C  Ferplast
NATURAL C C40/69 / Black Ferplast
NATURAL C C40/69 / Natural leather Ferplast
NATURAL C C40/63 / Black Ferplast
NATURAL C C40/63 / Natural leather Ferplast


NATURAL CLeather dog collar. Different sizes and colours.



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  • Leather dog collar
  • Simple but refined lines with accurate finishes
  • Two different colours: natural beige or black
  • Ideal for all dogs thanks to the eight sizes available
  • Complete range with dog leads and training leads
Natural is the evergreen leather dog collar you could choose in two different colours. If for example you prefer a neutral colour, here is the natural leather dog collar, if instead you like the more marked colours, you could choose the black collar. The collars of the range Natural are available in height different dimensions which perfectly adapt to dogs of all sizes. They all feature a very simple design, they distinguish for the care and the elegance of finishes with strong seamings and a refined metal buckle, guarantee of an efficient closing system. Thanks to the holes of their surface, besides, they are very easy to adjust and wear.

If you like leather collars, we would like to remind that inside the range of Natural pet products you could also find traditional dog leads and training leads.

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