Activity toy for cats and dogs with hiding places for dry food
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  • Interactive toy for dogs and cats
  • Favours your furry friend's physical and mental activity
  • Stimulates your pet's predatory instinct, forcing him to eat more slowly
  • Equipped with hiding places for dry food, which can be closed with special sliding covers
  • Made of strong plastic
  • Non-slip base for maximum stability
  • Can be combined with the items in the Clever & Happy range of products
An active pet is a happy pet! The dog and cat toys in the Clever & Happy range of products were designed by Ferplast to stimulate your furry friend's curiosity and develop his dexterity, making sure he gets the physical and mental exercise that will keep him in good health and help him to get through any moments of boredom. Have fun creating a real playground for Fido or Kitty, by combining the various toys: this range offers a wide variety of toys!

Trea, for example, is a activity toy with hiding places for dry food, stimulating your pet's predatory instinct and forcing him to eat more slowly. It is made from strong plastic and has non-slip suckers on the bottom to ensure maximum stability. Try to hide tempting treats inside it and close the sliding doors: playing with it along with your four-legged friend will strengthen your relationship with him!

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