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  • Carrier for small dogs and cats
  • Ideal for travel by any means of transport
  • Made in compliance with current IATA regulations
  • Plastic-coated iron door with 2-point lock
  • Door with 19 x 19 mm mesh for added security
  • Side hooks with snap closure
  • Large slots for internal ventilation
  • Convenient space-saving folding handle
  • Complete with label to write your pet's name or address
  • Carrier that can be easily assembled and disassembled for cleaning
  • Including clamps to be applied on the door
  • Screws included to fix at the side closures
  • It can be completed with a soft washable cotton cushion, the plastic feeder or the wheel kit for easy movement
  • It is possible to add a shoulder strap to be inserted into the appropriate holes
  • Also available as an accessory is the special net kit for transport by train, ship or plane, to be affixed to the side ventilation slots
  • ECO-SUSTAINABLE: made of recycled plastic

  • Different models
  • Clipper 1 for puppies, cats and small dogs: 50 x 33 x h 32 cm
  • Clipper 2 for cats and small dogs: 57 x 37 x h 36 cm
  • Clipper 3 for large cats or medium-small dogs: 64 x 43 x h 43 cm

  • Maximum capacity Clipper 1: 5 Kg
  • Maximum capacity Clipper 2: 8 Kg
  • Maximum capacity Clipper 3: 15 Kg
  • Net weight of Clipper 1 pet carrier: 1.53 Kg
  • Net weight of Clipper 2 pet carrier: 1.85 kg
  • Net weight of Clipper 3 pet carrier: 2.49 kg

  • N.B. Contact the airline company to verify actual boarding

Clipper is a complete range of dog and cat carriers designed for safe and comfortable travel by any means of transport: car, train, ship or plane. Made in compliance with current IATA regulations.

Solid and robust, they are made of thermoplastic resin and equipped with a plastic-coated iron door with a 19 x 19 mm mesh for greater safety. Clipper carriers are equipped with an extremely reliable 2-way lock, which prevents unpleasant accidental openings during travel. By turning the knob, two fixing points are in fact activated which anchor the door to the main structure of the pet carrier.
The large side slits ensure the passage of air for a well-ventilated environment for your pet.

The Clipper pet carrier consists of two parts joined by hooks with snap closure. The two shells can be easily separated to carry out maintenance operations. On the upper part they have a comfortable handle that facilitates movement. The foldable handle can be stored in the special compartment in the upper part of the container: this allows you to take up less space. Finally, the carrier has special holes for the passage of a shoulder strap, which can be purchased separately, and which allows it to be carried comfortably on the shoulder.

Finally, inside the package, you will find plastic ties to further secure the door of the pet carrier, as well as 8 screws to be fixed in the appropriate holes in correspondence with the side closures.
In combination with the Clipper rigid pet carriers, we recommend the use of the special wheels, useful for moving around. Available as accessories, you will also find the soft cotton cushion, the plastic feeder or the net kit, to be affixed to the side ventilation slots and optional for transport by train, ship or plane.

The range offers models for animals of all sizes. Clipper 1 and Clipper 2 are recommended for small dogs and cats, while model 30 is recommended for medium-small dogs or large cats.

The pet carrier complies with the reccomendations of the IATA regulations for the transport of pets.
Warning: boarding remains at the discretion of the company itself. Before leaving with your four-legged friend, we advise you to contact the airline as it is advisable to find out about the rules adopted by the same.

Clipper is an eco-sustainable product: it is produced with material sourced from industrial recycling and post-consumption, for the safeguard of the environment in which we live together with our animal friends.

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