MIRTO 1 AIRNest for canaries



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  • Nest for canaries and small birds
  • Opening roof to facilitate cleaning operations
  • Removable lower part
  • Equipped with secure closure
  • Complete with cage hooking system
  • Circular hole to facilitate the access of the animal
  • Nesting area with ventilation slots
  • ECO-SUSTAINABLE: made of recycled plastic

  • Dimensions: 12,5 x 12,5 x h 16,5 cm
  • Also available in the Close version, nest for parakeets and hamsters

The Mirto 1 bird nest is essential to allow birds to nest and raise their young in peace and safety. It can be inserted outside the bird cages in correspondence with the door hole and quickly fixed to the habitat thanks to the practical hooking system it is equipped with.
The Mirto 1 Air model, specific for canaries, is equipped with opening roof and removable lower part for easy inspection and cleaning, it also has a secure closure. The nesting area is complete with special openings that ensure proper ventilation, thus avoiding the formation of humidity or mold, especially if you use the special cotton nest (optional) useful for allowing canaries to deposit their eggs.

The bird accessory is also available in the Close version, specific for parakeets and hamsters.

Mirto is an eco-sustainable product: it is in fact produced with material from industrial and post-consumer recycling, for the safeguard of the environment in which we live together with our animal friends.

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