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SKU: 83506025

EAN: 8010690170404

Small fabric and eco-friendly fur sofa for dogs and cats. Different sizes and colours.

измерение: 72 x 62 x h 22 cm

This is a comfortable little sofa for dogs and cats, perfect for the winter season and for pets that really feel the cold! Etoile has cosy padded sides and a removable double-sided inner cushion. It is lower at the front, in order to make it easier for your furry friend to get in and out of it, while the sides are shaped and covered in soft eco-friendly fur to welcome your pet in a warm embrace. The Etoile mattress comes in different sizes, colours and prints, to please everyone. The two smaller sizes, Etoile 2 and 4, are suitable for cats as well as for small dogs. Etoile 6, the largest size, is comfortable for dogs and for large cats.

The mattress is fully machine-washable at low temperatures (maximum 30° C).
  • Padded bed for cats and dogs
  • Made of fabric and soft eco-friendly fur
  • Perfect for the winter months and for animals that are usually cold
  • Complete with removable double-sided inner cushion
  • Shaped sides for maximum comfort
  • Fully machine washable at 30° C
  • Available in different colours and in three sizes: 2, 4 and 6
  • The effective dimensions for your pet are (Length, depth):
  • ETOILE 2: 30 x 32
  • ETOILE 4: 36 x 42
  • ETOILE 6: 44 x 52

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