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ZAGORCat scratching post with hideout, hammock and platform

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  • Cat Gym with scratching post
  • Hatch at the base, plus hammock and platform for resting
  • The cushions are covered in a soft velvet-effect material that is sturdy and wear-resistant
  • Italian Design
  • Sisal posts for the cat to scratch it claws
  • Height: 136.5 cm

Zagor is a cat gym with a scratching area and a solid wood structure. With a square base, it is composed of two columns fitted with a range of accessories. On the lower level, there is a spacious and comfortable hideout, with a soft cushion inside and a roof above, creating different levels on which to rest, the highest of which has a cosy padded hammock and a comfortable bed on the top. Your kitty can thus choose from a range of different places to sleep, retreating to the hideout or watching over the room from the higher points. The cushions, hammock and bed are covered in a soft velvet-effect material that is robust and wear-resistant.

Ultimately, your furry friend will not be able to resist the sisal columns, thanks to which she will be able to scratch, climb and work her claws at will. With its Italian design, Zagor will perfectly fit into your home and become your fury friend's favourite hangout, where he can have fun and leave the rest of the furniture alone!

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