Travel water bottle PA 5505 / Blue Ferplast
Travel water bottle  Ferplast
Travel water bottle
Travel water bottle
Travel water bottle PA 5508 / Blue Ferplast
Travel water bottle  Ferplast


Travel water bottleTravel water bottle. 3 sizes. Capacity from 0,25 to 0,75 L



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  • Water-bottle made in robust plastic
  • Perfect to travel with your dogs and cats
  • Three sizes of capacity of 0.25, 0.55 and 0.75 litres
Designed for people who like to travel with their pets, this plastic bottle allows you to satisfy your dog's or cat's thirst and it can be carried with you on any occasion. When closed, it takes up very little space and is, therefore, very handy for keeping in your bag. To use it, just lift it to an upright position and squeeze lightly, making the water flow out.

It is available in three sizes: PA 5505 holds 0.25 litres, PA 5507 holds 0.55 litres and PA 5508 holds 0.75 litres.

If you can never be separated from your four-legged friend and love to travel, we also recommend PA 1087 or PA 1086. These are some handy, folding feeding bowl made of silicone.

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