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Toy PA 5028Cat toy made of polyester and feathers, with catnip scent

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  • Polyester cat toy
  • Fun and cheerful animal shapes
  • Some models come with feathers
  • Its catnip scent makes it attractive to your cat
  • Useful anti-stress toy
  • Carefully manufactured with top-quality materials, to ensure maximum safety for your pet
  • It is not possible to choose a specific colour or shape. The item will be shipped according to what is available in stock.
This polyester cat toy will prove irresistible for your friend, thanks to its catnip scent. Your cat will undoubtedly spend many happy hours playing with it! Made with top-quality materials and attention to detail to ensure maximum safety for your pet, this toy is shaped like an animal. Some models come with soft feathers.

Available in different shapes and colours, the item is shipped according to its availability in stock; choosing colour or shape is not possible.

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