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NIGHT C  Ferplast
NIGHT C  Ferplast
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NIGHT C  Ferplast
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NIGHT C MEDIUM / Yellow Ferplast
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NIGHT CReflecting and flashing dog collar. Different sizes.



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  • Inserts made of luminous material
  • Safe, it's visible at night and in the shadows to car drivers
  • Battery working
  • Adjustable, available in 3 sizes for all dogs
For walking your dog in the evening in total safety, here is the reflective collar Night Collar. This collar is equipped with particular inserts making it visible at night, is easy to adjust on your friend's neck thanks to the plastic buckle and available in 3 sizes ideal for all dogs. If during the day you do not have enough time to carry your dog out or a walk, here is the right product for you. Night Collars have 3 different light settings: continuous, flashing or flashing quickly. In order to activate the flashing modes, squeeze the centre of the control unit. Batteries are included.

We would like to temind that the range of reflective collars for dogs also includes the useful lighting over-collars Night Over-Collar or the collars of the Solar Night range, equipped with solar cell.

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