LEASH POCKET MATIC G G20/120 / Red Ferplast


LEASH POCKET MATIC GDog lead complete with accessory pocket and automatic hook. Various colours and sizes.



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  • Nylon dog leash
  • With practical expandable pocket for useful accessories
  • Innovative automatic hook with magnetic mechanism
  • Soft padding on the handle for absolute comfort
  • First-choice materials that last through time
  • Available in various colours
  • Different sizes to choose from according to your dog's size
  • Robust engineered plastic hook, comes in Large size:
  • Leash Pocket Matic G20/120 e G25/120 with Large hook, for dogs weighing up to 60 kg
  • Leash length: 120 cm
  • Collar width: 20 or 25 mm, according to the model
This leash combines technology and practicality and is sure to solve many small issues that usually come up when walking a dog!
First of all, let's take a look at its clipping system. Ferplast has come up with the first automatic hook applied to a dog leash, and we're very proud of it!
The hook combines maximum safety and ease of use, making it quick to attach and detach from the collar/harness through a magnetic mechanism. The hook is both light and robust and is made of special engineered plastic. Thanks also to its steel pins, it ensures perfect resistance when your dog is pulling. In addition to being extremely safe, it has a system allowing it to be opened using two buttons, to avoid accidental release.

Leash Pocket Matic combines technology and sturdiness with an additional practical detail: an expandable accessory pocket! You can use it to store your house keys, for instance, or Fido's plastic bags, or even some snacks to give him along the way... The pocket is roomy and can be easily zipped up, so you can use it to safely store precious belongings as well.

Made of sturdy nylon, the leash ensures maximum comfort thanks to the softly padded handle. Available in different colours and sizes.
You can choose the most suitable leash based on the size of your dog. The G20/120 and G25/120 leashes are 120 cm long and differ for the width of the leash, either 20 or 25 mm. They come with a large hook and are ideal for medium and large-sized dogs weighing up to a maximum of 60 kg and can withstand a pulling strength of up to 180 kg.

Using the hook is very simple. Follow these instructions. First of all, simply open it by pressing on both buttons at the same time. Then, approach the ring on your dog's collar/harness to activate the spring clip's automatic fastening mechanism. To unfasten it from the collar or harness, simply press the two buttons again. Think about how handy this is: for example, if you are holding shopping bags with one hand or if you are speaking on the telephone, you can fasten or unfasten the lead to the collar or harness using the other hand with one quick, simple movement.

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