KROLIK LARGE / Grey Ferplast
KROLIK  Ferplast
KROLIK  Ferplast


KROLIKRabbit cage with fully knock down system. Different sizes and colours.



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  • Wide living space ensuring pet's maximum comfort
  • Wide opening front door allowing easy cleaning
  • Extra slim packaging
  • Accessories included
  • Available in two sizes and two colours
  • Add-on module can be purchased separately

Krolik is a range of rabbit hutches designed so that both the mesh and the base can be completely dismantled. Krolik pet habitats come in space-saving packages, thus minimizing their volume during transportation, while also ensuring that your rabbit has a very large living space, thanks to the design of the base with no flaring. Krolik rabbit cages are available in two different sizes and colours. Both are very easy to use and clean, thanks to the door that opens a the front. There are two doors in the smaller version and two in the larger version. Inside, you will find essential accessories, including a little plastic house with a bowl, a partition with steps, a feeder for hay and a drinking bottle. Available as accessory, then, you could find the suitable add-on module with separation grill, perfect for nesting.

Krolik rabbit cages are easy to assemble in a short space of time: the sides can be detached from the base with a simple click.

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