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Co2 ENERGY SPONGESpare sponges for CO2 Energy Mixer



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  • Spares sponges for CO2 Energy Mixer
  • Necessary to ensure an excellent water filtration
  • Packaging containing two sponges with different sizes and porosity
They can be purchased separately as spares, these sponges are necessary to guarantee an efficient water filtering once the filtering action of the sponges already included with the carbon dioxide/water mixer CO2 Energy Mixer is exhausted. Inside tha package you will find two sponges with different porosity, one is a fine sponge, the other is an activated carbon sponge.
To replace the sponges, just open CO2 Energy Mixer and insert the sponges: the black sponge has to be inserted in the lower part of the tank, the blue sponge has to be inserted in the upper part where the pump is positioned.

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