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Leads and collars | Flashing light

Safe walks with Fido at night! Find out the essential high-visibility accessories by Ferplast: flashing light and reflective collars and leads.

Carriers | With-Me

Your little four-legged friend always with you! The bags With-Me, colorful and fashionable, are ideal to host your animal wherever you go.

Carriers and litter boxes

Ferplast proposes a wide range of carriers and litter boxes for your four-legged friends. Choose the models which are more suitable to you!

Leads and Collars

Collar and lead are essential accessories for walks with your dog. Discover the proposals by Ferplast and choose what you like the most!

Hygienic Bags Holder | Dudù

Dudù: practical and colorful hygienic bags holder, essential during the walks with your furry friend. Take the joy out for a walk!

Fabric homes

Give to your pet a piece of soft relax. The cloth houses by Ferplast are practical, comfortable and available in different colours.

Dog clothing

Protect your four-legged friend against the cold and bed weather thanks to the coats and rain coats by Ferplast. Have a look to the preview!

Leads | Amigo

Freedom and safety thanks to Amigo, the retractable lead with interchangeable cover is available in different models and patterns. Watch the video!

Leads and collars | Matic

To keep your four-legged friend fit is really important. Watch the video: useful tips and essential accessories for long walks with your dog.

Tutorial | How to put Agila Harness

Do you need to buy an harness for Fido but you can't try it? Don't make a mistake, watch this tutorial! All you need is a yardstick.

Tutorial | How to measure your dog

The harnesses Agila are comfortable and easy to wear. Watch the video and follow three simple steps: unhook, put and regulate !

Toys | Raptor

Would you like to have an active and happy cat? Choose Raptor: the perfect electronic toy which allows your cat to be physically and mentally fit.

Leads | Sport Dog Matic

Find out the innovative automatic hook Matic: fastening and unfastening the lead to the collar or harness will be easier!

Carriers | Atlas Bike Rapid

Do you wanna take your dog on a bike ride? Ferplast's Atlas Bike Rapid makes it possible! Pick up your dog and have a nice ride!

Toys | Typhon

Is your cat lazy? Do you want to stimulate its curiosity? Try Typhon, the interactive toy featuring a route shape which encorauges Micio's physical activity.

Turtle | Tanks

Give to your turtle the perfect environment: discover all the turtle tanks by Ferplast. Watch the video and recreate its ideal habitat with us!

Tutorial | Outdoor Kennel Domus

Discover and learn with us how to assemble the outdoor kennel Domus for your loyal four-legged friend. Watch the vieo!

Tutorial | Carrier Atlas Car Aluminium

A practical and useful guide to assemble your Atlas Car Aluminium. Watch the video and follow these simple steps.

Tutorial | Outdoor Kennel Baita

Assembling the outdoor kennel Baita for your four-legged friend is simple and fast! Watch the video and follow these simple steps.

Leads | Sport Dog

Going for a walk with Fido will be funnier thanks to the Sport Dog line: colorful leads, harnesses and collars, equipped with the automatic magnetic hook MATIC.

Aquariums | Capri Junior

The aquariums Capri Junior by Ferplast are practical and easy to mantain, the ideal product for people who want to explore the aquarium life world!

Ferplast | Company Profile

Have a look to what the company is and discover Ferplast: 3 production sites, over 1000 employees, over 4000 products and 85 export countries.

Ferplast | 50th Anniversary

Ferplast 50th anniversary. Watch the video realized during this special occasion and discover with us the company's evolution, born in 1966.

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