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Dog harnesses

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  • CRICKET P Nylon dog harness, available in various colours and sizes
    Nylon Swedish type harness for dogs. Reflective stitching and name tag. Various sizes and colours.
  • AGILA FLUO Ergonomic chest harness for dogs with soft padding and closure with double micro regulation. Different sizes and colours.
  • AGILA Ergonomic synthetic leather harness for dogs. Different sizes and colours.
  • AGILA SPORT Ergonomic chest harness for dogs made of nylon rope. Closing system with micro regulation. Various colours and sizes.
  • AGILA DERBY Ergonomic chest harness for dogs in eco-friendly leather. Closure with micro regulation. In various colours and sizes.
  • ERGOFLEX P FASHION Ergonomic chest harness for dog made of technical rubber. Soft padding and reflective edges. Various sizes and colours.
    Ergonomic harness for dogs with double micro-adjustment fastening. Various sizes and modern patterns.
  • AGILA FANTASY Nylon dog harness. Innovative regulation system, patented.
  • ERGOCOMFORT P Adjustable harness with soft padding. Different sizes and colours.
  • ERGOFLEX P Flexible harness with micro-regulating system. Different sizes and colours.
  • ERGOTREKKING Ergonomic harness for dogs. Six fixing points, with micro-regulation system.
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