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Ferplast means guarantees and quality, thanks to its innovative products and unmistakable design. In this category, we are offering you a preview of our latest new products. Stay up to date and treat your faithful friend to well-being and comfort.
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  • ARGO FSC® Northern pinewood dog house - different sizes
  • ATLAS 10 PROFESSIONAL Carrier for cats and small-sized dogs. Different sizes.
  • CASITA 120H Large cage for rabbits and guinea pigs with opening roof and accessories included
  • SWING MICROCHIP LARGE Cat flap with microchip for large cats and small dogs - various colours
  • ANGEL Small sofa in cotton and eco-friendly fur for dogs and cats. Complete with double-sided cushion. Different colours.
  • SOFA' TWEED Dog and cat bed made of thermoplastic resin complete with hard-wearing and velvet cushion. Various sizes.
  • HARRIS Bed with cushion for cats and dogs, hard-wearing fabric and velvet. In various colours and sizes.
  • TOMMY Padded sofa made of velvet and hard-wearing fabric for dogs. Complete with small cushion. In various sizes and colours.
  • STUART Double-sided cushion for dogs and cats. Side in tweed fabric, side in velvet. In various colours and sizes.
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