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SKU: 57075480W1

EAN: 8010690157603

Cute cage for hamsters and mice. Stickers included. Setting: space.

Dimension: 55 x 39 x h 27 cm

Space, the final frontier! With the Mini Duna Space cage for hamsters and mice you will have fun travelling in space on the wings of your imagination along with your children! In fact, the habitat is ideal for teaching your children how to take care of their little rodent while playing at the same time, thanks to a fun setting and the use of vibrant colours. For example, take a look at the little house shaped like a space shuttle. Don't you think it's really cute? Furthermore, the cage can be personalized using the stickers included in the package, which you can stick to the base, any way you choose.

The habitat is made of solid plastic and has a transparent roof complete with a varnished wire mesh grille: the grille can be opened for normal cleaning operations and guarantees the correct airflow inside the cage. There are two small, rotating clips on the top part of the roof, which allow you to keep the grille tightly closed, thereby stopping your pet from accidentally getting out of the cage and guaranteeing him the utmost safety.

Inside the cage, there is a transparent plastic shelf that can be reached via a handy little ladder: this area is the ideal location for the house-nest, where your pet can rest, or for the feeder, to provide your little rodent his favourite food.

Other accessories inside the cage include a wheel, essential for keeping your little animal fit, and a water bottle with sucker pads, ideal for attaching it to smooth surfaces. The final detail is not to be neglected: a decoration shaped like an antenna!

The base is spacious and holds dirt, litter and sawdust effectively, allowing your little animal to dig freely and make burrows and paths.
Cleaning is quick and easy: just release the clips on the sides to separate the base from the top.
  • Cage for hamsters and mice
  • Setting inspired by the magical world of space
  • It can be personalized and decorated as you please with colourful stickers, included in the package
  • Formed by a spacious base in solid plastic
  • Transparent plastic roof equipped with a varnished wire mesh grille
  • The grille can be raised and closed using the rotating clips
  • The base and lid can be separated easily to clean the inside of the cage
  • Accessories included: 1 feeder, 1 water bottle, 1 shelf, 1 ladder, 1 wheel, 1 nest and a decoration shaped like an antenna

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