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SKU: 57010461

EAN: 8010690167671

Cage for hamsters and mice that can be personalized with colourful stickers. Setting: teatime.

Dimension: 50 x 35 x h 23,5 cm

Only 4 available

It's teatime: get the fragrant biscuits and hot drinks ready!
With Milos Small Tea Time you will engage your children in their favourite activity and at the same time teach them to take care of the little rodent while playing and having fun. This habitat for hamsters and mice is, in fact, a brightly-coloured setting, equipped with stickers that your children can stick on the base and customize it as they please. There are cups, teapots, tasty sweets and little biscuits…

The cage is designed ad hoc to accommodate lively little animals in your house in comfort and without any problems. The habitat is made of strong painted tight-knit wire mesh and has a spacious plastic base that contains litter and sawdust effectively. Cleaning is easy and quick: just release the clips on the sides to separate the base from the top.

The cage comes complete with accessories, including a plastic bowl, a water bottle with suction pad attachment and a wheel, essential for allowing your pet to exercise and stay in good health. The cage also comes complete with an original teaspoon-shaped decoration and a comfy little teapot-shaped house.
  • Cage for hamsters and mice
  • Original setting with a teatime them
  • Can be customized using colourful stickers, included in the package, to decorate it as you please
  • Designed for children, it teaches them to take care of the pets without having to neglect playtime and fun
  • A tight-knit wire mesh structure guaranteeing your pet greater safety
  • Strong plastic base for containing dirt, litter or sawdust
  • A little entrance door with a safety fastener
  • Wire mesh and base can be separated easily for cleaning the inside of the cage
  • Accessories included: 1 feeding trough, 1 water bottle, 1 little house-nest, 1 teaspoon-decoration
  • Complete with an exercise wheel

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