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SKU: 146079

EAN: 8010690119052

Spare microchip tag for cat collars
Microchip Tags are a pair of tags with microchips to be attached to cat collars. Indispensable to grant access to cat flaps with microchip identification system, such as Swing Microchip. Attach one of the tags to the cat's collar and keep the other as a spare should your cat lose the other, or for another pet you may have, to grant access through the Swing flap. Keep in mind that the tag is intended for use only by cats that are not microchipped. In addition, the microchip identification system of the flap can be disabled if necessary; it will then work like a traditional swing door.
  • Spare microchip tag for cat collars
  • Can be used to replace or in addition to the tag included with the Swing Microchip flap door.
  • To be attached to the collar to grant access to cat flaps with microchip identification system
  • Each package contains two tags

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