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SKU: FC000071

EAN: 8010690063133

Retractable lead with control system. Different sizes and colours.

Only available

All dog owners are familiar with their pet's walking needs and they also know that, when walking their dog inside a town, it is useful to have a lead that allows freedom of movement, without causing annoyance to other people. Flippy Controller Cord is a retractable dog lead that provides comfort and ease of use, allowing your furry friend freedom of movement, thanks to the extendable cord. Flippy Controller features a mechanism that is patented by Ferplast, which keeps the cord in a locked position, to ensure safety and ease of use. Even with the button in the stop position, it rewinds automatically if the dog gets closer to you or if you approach him. In this way, sudden movements are easier to control. When in the free position, your faithful friend can move up to 8 feet away from you, thanks to the extendable cord.
With Flippy Controller, getting your dog to come back to you is a piece of cake - all it takes is a simple movement of your forearm. This is an incredible advantage in all situations, like sudden danger or when your hands are full.
  • Patented mechanism keeping the cord stretched
  • No more uncontrolled pulling
  • No more problems retrieving your dog
  • Two models, medium and large, for dogs of maximum weight of 50 kg
  • Cord length: 5 m for the medium version, 8 m for the large version

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