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SKU: FC000308

EAN: 8010690146942

Ergonomic harness for dogs. Six fixing points, with micro-regulation system.

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Thanks to its innovative, ergonomic shape, the dog harness Ergotrekking ensures perfect fitting and evenly distributes the pulling force onto the animal's body. Made of sturdy nylon, thanks to the soft internal padding is not bothersome and offers maximum comfort. Featuring 6 fixing points, is equipped with micro-regulating system and therefore easy to wear and fit to your dog's size, his special shape makes it ideal also for whippets. Ergotrekking harnesses are fantastic for trekking and hiking with your four-legged friend! The practical handle on the top allows assisting the dog when overcoming difficult obstacles. The useful edge in reflective material makes the harness visible to motorists at night and in the twilight.

The ergonomic harnesses Ergotrekking are available in three sizes, in 2 colours, ideal for dogs of all sizes.

  • Ergonomic harness for dogs
  • High-resistance nylon
  • Soft padding
  • Perfect wear and maximum comfort thanks to the special shape
  • Easy to fit thanks to the micro-regulation and 6 fixing points
  • Reflecting stripes for safe night walks Ideal for trekking and hiking
  • Ideal also for whippets
  • In three sizes and two colours

Ratings & Reviews

100% recommend this product

100% peace of mind

Bought one for our dreadfully nervous cocker spaniel while in Lake District who wouldn’t walk among the people slipped collar at a sight of ‘Scariness’
Basically sliced bread he lives the comfort hug of this and security..just bought another for our Irish Setter who escapes everything - not anymore

Parker & Cody

October 11, 2018

The perfect climbing harness

After years of trying to find a decent climbing harness for my Jack Russell Terriers, I've finally found one! Can't believe how great these harnesses are! Our older dog can't walk far and often has to be carried and this harness just fits the bill. It's easy to fit and as it has a good range of size alteration, it easily fits over a jumper or jacket if necessary. Took our younger dog out over rough terrain and this really helped him to get over the loftier rocks that his little legs just couldn't manage, plus, it was raining buckets so I had to put his jumper on at the start of the walk and the harness went over it easily. It's wide back-section and thick padding also help to keep the dog warm and dry. Its only disadvantage (and its a small one at that) is that it takes a very long time to dry after being hand washed and drip-dried because I daren't put it in the washing machine in-case the plastic parts get broken. Anyone tried it or know if its suitable to put in the washer?


September 23, 2018

Fantastic well thought out

Great comfortable harness thats flexible enough to get a coat underneath. Very well made and very supportive. Our Border Terrier and our Norfolk Terrier are very happy to wear these. The grab handle is great for catching a speeding BT. Penny the Norfolk Terrier x Lhasa Apso now wont climb or jump if you are near...." I have a handle and shall be lifted", but then she is 12 + . Great value and best bit of kit we've bought in ages


January 28, 2017

Fantastic! Well worth the money.

This harness is the best we have tried (and we have tried lots!) Our little 'Houdini' dog is capable of escaping conventional harnesses but this has put an end to all that. It is sturdy, well made and has innovative fastenings which make it easy to fit and able to extend over several sizes depending on the length of fur....our little curly dog becomes slimmer after clipping. We expect this harness to last for many years, making it well worth the money. The only complaint is that it is only available in two colours.


April 1, 2016

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