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SKU: FC000520

EAN: 8010690152264

Dog leash complete with automatic hook

Only available

Ergofluo Matic is a dog leash made of high-tech, top-quality materials, resistant and durable. Its ergonomic padded handle was designed to ensure safe grip and maximum comfort for your hands. The models have reflective stitching making them easy to see in the evening and at night; if you have no time to take your furry friend for a walk during the day, this is the ideal product for you! The Ergocomfort Fluo leashes are available in different trendy fluo colours and in a wide range of sizes that can adapt to dogs of all sizes.

In addition to the fuchsia and green leashes already available, the new blue and orange models also come complete with automatic hook. This product is our company's exclusive creation, one of which we're particularly proud. The hook combines maximum safety and easiness of use, making latching and unlatching to/from the collar or chest harness fast and easy thanks to a magnetic mechanism. Light and sturdy at once, the hook is made of a special technological plastic. With its steel pins, it can support your dog's pulling traction without a hassle. It's also extremely safe, thanks to the double-button opening system that prevents accidental opening.

Choose the leash according to your dog's size. Ergofluo G15/120 comes with the Medium hook, suitable for small and medium dogs (up to 30 kg of weight), with resistance to traction of up to 120 kg. Ergofluo G20/120 and G25/120 come with the Large hook, suitable for medium and large dogs (up to 60 kg of weight), with resistance to traction of up to 180 kg.

The hook is practical and easy to use: to open it, press both buttons at the same time, then move the ring on the collar or chest harness close to the hook to activate its automatic closure. To unlatch it from the collar or chest harness, press both buttons at the same time again. Just think of yourself holding a bag of groceries or your phone in one hand and latching or unlatching the leash to/from the collar or chest harness with the other hand, with a simple, quick gesture.

Ergofluo Matic leashes are a perfect match for the collars of the same line and for the Agila Fluo chest harnesses, which come with a micro regulation system and with soft padding for your dog's comfort.
  • Nylon leash for dogs
  • Innovative automatic hook with magnetic mechanism, latches/unlatches to/from the collar or chest harness
  • Lash with ergonomic handle padded with polyurethane
  • Ensures a firm and comfortable grip and safe, effective control; prevents abrasions
  • Reflective stitching makes it easy to see in the evening and at night
  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Trendy colours
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Mix and match with Ergofluo collars and Agila Fluo chest harnesses
  • Sturdy technological plastic hooks, Medium or Large:
  • Ergofluo Matic G15/120 with Medium hook, for dogs weighing up to 30 kg,
  • Ergofluo Matic G20/120 and G25/120 with Large hook, for dogs weighing up 60 kg.

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