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SKU: 57919499

EAN: 8010690087054

Three-floors hamster cage with opening roof

Dimension: 71,5 x 46 x h 41 cm

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Duna Fun Large is a generously sized hamster cage, equipped with large base. This spacious version consists of three levels that contain every comfort, including a nest, ladders, a drinking bottle, a wheel and transparent tubes, essential accessories for making sure your little friend has fun.
Duna Fun Large is made up of two parts - a roof and a plastic base - with a central part in wire mesh, specially designed to ensure proper ventilation inside the habitat. The useful grid on the roof can be completely opened up, allowing daily cleaning. The base is also fully detachable for easy cleaning.
  • Large living volume
  • Plastic roof and base with wire net insert
  • Transparent roof for maximum visibility
  • Complete with accessories

Ratings & Reviews

100% recommend this product


My hamster loves this cage as this cage is huge and your hamster or mouse will love it. This is a really fun cage as it has loads of space to explore!! My female Syrian is quite large but still is small enough for the cage!! It's great for diggers as the bottom piece is very tall so they won't push all there bedding out!! I guarantee that your hamster will love this cage!! 10/10


April 7, 2018


This is a must have as this is a large fun cage which is good for hamsters that like to explore. It's the perfect size
As it's large, my hamster loves this cage the only thing I would take out is the wheel as it's too small. But definitely this cage is great for hamsters and mice it's a must have!!!!!

Lils 77

April 7, 2018

Love this cage

Inherited a hamster cage and all but the hamster would chew the bars to it's cage like it wanted to escape and so I bought it toys but the cage wasn't large enough to accommodate them. So I bought this cage and I can't say praise it enough. It has room for all it's toys and put a medium sized ball in there and boy she loves the ball (the one given with the cage is far too small). . No more chewing at the cage. Would recommend this product. Seems to keep hammy and owner happy


June 1, 2017

Simply Amazing

This cage is the perfect hamster cage. I have had many hamsters and many different cage experiences - this cage has been my best experience so far. My current hamster (Pip) absolutely adores this cage, she loves running around. this cage has a huge width of 71cm and fits lots of toys and still leaves running around space. the only problem with this cage is the wheel that it comes with - it is way too small for a syrian hamster and it rattles in that bars, but you can just buy a free standing silent wheel from just about every pet shop.

Amelie Kesley

November 8, 2016

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