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SKU: 73196017

EAN: 8010690169354

Foldable dog pen. Various sizes.

Dimension: 123,8 x 76,2 x h 81,2 cm

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Have you recently welcomed an adorable puppy into your home and want to teach him how to stay in his pen or house-train him? It is important to train Fido from the very beginning to settle into his new home, creating a comfortable space for him, in which he can feel protected and safe. The Dog-Inn folding pen will be your ally in this considerable feat! Made of sturdy varnished metal and rectangular in shape, it adapts to the growth of the puppy thanks to the practical partition panel included, which can be moved according to your needs to create the space you want. It is perfectly suited to a range of situations: if you want to house-train your dog, if you want to train your puppy at home or transport the pooch by car. Equipped with large wire grids, it ensures proper internal ventilation and excellent visibility, so you can always keep an eye on your lively four-legged friend.

The Dog-Inn has a practical double door, with frontal and side access to allow use of the pen both at home and on the go (by placing it into the boot of the car, for example). The door is reinforced with multiple locking points (using a patented system) and a safety latch to ensure maximum reliability at all times, whilst the low threshold allows Fido to easy go in and out. The pen comes complete with a convenient polypropylene tray that effectively contains any mess and is easily removed for normal maintenance.

The Dog-Inn is also very easy to assemble, not requiring the use of any tools. It is available in five sizes to suit a range of needs. The size 60 is designed for small dogs, size 75 for medium dogs, size 90 for intermediate dogs, size 105 for large dogs and finally, size 120 is designed for very large dogs.

Below are the specifications of the model and the dog sizes:
Dog-Inn 60 for adult-size dogs up to 40 cm in height and 55 cm in length;
Dog-Inn 75 for adult-size dogs up to 50 cm in height and 61 cm in length;
Dog-Inn 90 for adult-size dogs up to 58 cm in height and 76 cm in length;
Dog-Inn 105 for adult-size dogs up to 63 cm in height and 81 cm in length;
Dog-Inn 120 for adult-size dogs up to 71 cm in height and 91 cm in length.

To render the space even more comfortable, you can purchase the Tender or Tender Tech mattress separately as an optional extra. The first is made of soft ecological fur with increased padding around the edges; the second, made of water-repellent and scratch-proof material, is particularly resistant even with intensive use. Both are available in various sizes and conveniently washable at low temperatures.
  • Dog crate
  • Create a space for your dog that looks just like a lair
  • Ideal for training your puppy at home
  • It can also be used for car transport
  • Designed to teach the animal to be house-trained
  • The divider panel adapts to your puppy's growth
  • Made in sturdy varnished metal
  • Large grilles for proper ventilation and excellent visibility
  • Equipped with a wide opening for easy access
  • The double door offers greater flexibility of use, at home or on the go
  • Reinforced door with multiple locking points and security latch
  • Door with low threshold to allow the dog to easily enter and exit
  • Complete with a polypropylene tray to contain any mess
  • Foldable for easy portability, no tools required
  • Recommended optional extra: a Tender or Tender Tech cushion
  • Available in different models for dogs of all sizes:
  • Dog-Inn 60, pen size 64.1 x 44.7 x h 49.2 cm, ideal for small dogs
  • Dog-Inn 75, pen size 77.4 x 48.5 x h 54.6 cm, ideal for medium-sized dogs
  • Dog-Inn 90, pen size 92.7 x 58.1 x h 62.5 cm, ideal for intermediate-sized dogs
  • Dog-Inn 105, pen size 108.5 x 72.7 x h 76.8 cm, ideal for large dogs
  • Dog-Inn 120, pen size 123.8 x 76.2 x h 81.2 cm, ideal for very large dogs
  • Please download the assembling instructions for this product

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