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SKU: 57011911

EAN: 8010690149417

Large cage for hamsters



Dimension: 95 x 57 x h 50 cm

Only 5 available

In accordance with the strictest European standards regarding the dimension of cages, Criceti 100 ensures plenty of space and living comfort for your little friend. The habitat is divided in three floors, with stairs to create different areas for use throughout the day. Thanks to its roomy bottom, the \ground floor\ contains the litter sand effectively, keeping it from spilling out and allowing your hamster to hide and to have fun digging around. On the upper floors your hamster can eat, drink, play or rest with the indispensable accessories included: bowls, water spout, wheel and nest. The accessories can be positioned according to the preferences of your hamster.

Criceti 100 is a hamster cage built with high-quality materials: the metal mesh is varnished, while the structure has plastic columns and frames for extra solidity and sturdiness. The upper part has an easy-opening, wide and practical grid for easy access to the internal part when it comes to maintenance. Safe for your pet, the grid can easily be locked thanks to the rotating safety hooks. The bottom part, the top part and the grid can be easily detached to make cleaning easier.
Criceti 100 is ready to be connected to other living modules, tubes or other rodent accessories.
  • Three-story modular cage for hamsters
  • Manufactured in accordance with the strictest European standards regarding cage size
  • Ensures maximum comfort and large living quarters
  • Sturdy plastic containment bottom
  • Varnished metal mesh with reinforced corner protectors and edges
  • Completely removable top part, locked in place with practical hooks
  • Bottom, grid and top part easily detachable for cleaning
  • Accessories included: 2 food bowls (large and small), 1 water spout, 1 nest-house, 1 hamster wheel, 2 floors, 2 sets of stairs
  • Can be attached to other cages or living modules for hamsters

Ratings & Reviews

100% recommend this product


Excellent hamster cage. Meets the required size for a syrian. Plenty of floor space. Full opening top lid brilliant for hamster access and cleaning.
Nice and sturdy, well made.
Definitely recommended.


May 13, 2020

Fantastic Cage - spacious and good quality

It is fairly straight forward to put together. The bars are stronger than the Alexander cage. When it s all assembled it is strong and particualrly looks great on the stand you can buy for it. I bought it as I suffer from rhuematoid arthritis and I needed a cage which is easy to access and therefore easier to clean. Now I have it!. Its very spacious and the levels are really strong. It and is great for mice, hamstersThe only down side are the ramps attachments are very fragile. I however prefer to use wooden bridges and ladders. Even though all the accessories are of great quality the wheel and the house are too small for a syrian hamster.

Lynn Eileen

June 1, 2018

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