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SKU: 57003211

EAN: 8010690159263

Cage for Syrian hamsters with a large wheel and a play area

Dimension: 58 x 38 x h 27,5 cm

The Coney Island Large cage is particularly suited to Syrian hamsters: this is thanks to the internal equipment and generous size, allowing your pet to go about his daily activities in complete tranquillity. The Coney Island Large habitat features an original environment inspired by the location of the same name with its famous amusement park: for example, take a look at the giant wheel in the centre, which will let your lively rodent to have fun and many happy moments.
The cage is bright and colourful and will also stimulate your children's interest, getting them involved in taking care of your rodent.

Coney Island Large comes complete with a feeding trough, a drinking bottle and a small house with little steps, essential for allowing your friendly rodent to rest undisturbed. Inside, the habitat is divided into two floors, thanks to a plastic shelf, linked to the lower floor by a ladder.

Thanks to its modular structure, the cage can be personalized with other accessories for hamsters: by using the exercise tunnel, tubes or other living modules for hamsters, you can further extend your little friend's play area.

Coney Island Large is built in solid wire mesh, making it secure and suitable for safely accommodating your little rodents inside your home. The base, which is made of strong plastic, holds litter and sawdust, allowing your little rodent to go about his favourite activity: digging and hiding in the sawdust, creating tunnels and pathways.

Lastly, the cage is practical and easy to clean, because the base can be completely separated from the wire mesh structure and the wheel is easy to detach, making it easy to access the inside of the habitat.

  • Cage for Syrian hamsters
  • Generous size ensuring maximum comfort for your pet
  • Environment inspired by amusement parks
  • Complete with a giant wheel for play and exercise
  • Wire mesh structure
  • Spacious base made of plastic to contain litter and sawdust
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the possibility of separating the mesh and the base
  • Internal equipment: 1 feeding trough, 1 drinking bottle, 1 small house with little steps
  • Complete with an internal shelf and a ladder linking it to the lower floor
  • Set up to be connected with other accessories or living modules for hamsters

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