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SKU: FC000441

Chewing ring for dogs, made of rawhide

Only available

Chewing rings for dogs available in two different sizes, 50 and 165 g. Perfect as fun pastimes or anti-stress treats, they play an important role in oral hygiene: the mechanic act of chewing helps with the removal of plaque and the reduction of tartar formation. Absolutely natural, these treats are 100% made of rawhide. Due to their high protein contents, do not give your dog more than one per day.

The Goodbite Fun line of chewable treats includes products of various sizes and shapes, designed to please the taste of all dogs: bone, shoe, ball and more.
  • 100% rawhide ring-shaped treats
  • Perfect as anti-stress toys and as treats for all dogs
  • Fulfil dogs' natural need to chew
  • Help remove plaque, therefore reducing tartar formation

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