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SKU: 57065070

Rabbit and guinea pig cage, with wide room

Dimension: 78 x 48 x h 50 cm

Casita is a range of comfortable, spacious, attractive cages for guinea-pigs and rabbits. This product line differs from the majority of other cages because of the height of its wire mesh structure, which is 20% greater, providing your pets with a very comfortable living space. Casita habitats are available in three sizes - 80, 100 and 120 - and are made in sturdy plastic with a painted wire mesh structure. The smallest model, Casita 80, is suitable for guinea-pigs and the larger models, Casita 100 and 120, are perfect for rabbits.
Casita has a rounded roof that can be opened. The largest model is divided into two sections, for practical reasons. All models come with accessories, including a feeder, a drinking bottle, a food bowl and a little house with a stepped wall to let your little friend climb onto it easily. The sliding door can be opened, allowing your little pet out of the cage every so often, to wander freely around the house. This cage is very easy to clean: simply open up the roof and you can reach all the parts that need more thorough cleaning. Thanks to the Save Space system, Casita can be completely dismantled.
  • Wide living space
  • Sliding door to ensure pet's safety
  • Full opening top for easy maintenance
  • Available in three sizes specifi for rabbits or guinea pigs
  • Accessoris included
  • Save space packaging

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