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SKU: FC000788

EAN: 8010690008066

Carriers for large dogs - various sizes

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A journey ahead of you? No hassle: thanks to our Atlas Professional dog carriers, you can take your friend with you on a ship, train, car or even airplane. The travel carriers of the Atlas Professional line come with clip closure on the sides with safety lock and a solid door made of plastic-coated steel, removable and telescopic handle, water or food bowl, side aeration grids for proper air circulation, draining hygienic pads and object compartments. The safety closing system of the carrier has been redesigned to make it easier and more effective to use: turn the handle to activate four fixating points that anchor the door to the main structure of the carrier, avoiding accidental opening during the trip. ... and that's not all: The lower part of the carrier has reflective elements for higher visibility.

The packaging for Atlas 50 and 60 Professional Reflex comes with bands to better fix the carrier door, and 8 screws to be screwed in the holes that correspond to the side closing closures.
The wheels are optional and can be hooked to the bottom of the cage. The L388B wheel set is perfect for these two models and includes 2 fixed wheels and 2 pivoting wheels with brake.

Warning: it is not guaranteed that the carrier will be boarded, as this is subject to airlines’ discretion. Before departing with your pet, contact your airline for information on its standards regarding the transportation of animals.

  • Thermoplastic resin carrier suitable for car, train, ship and airplane travel
  • Reflective elements for higher visibility
  • Upper shell available in modern fluo colours
  • Plastic-coated steel door with safety closure using 4 anchoring points
  • Side hooks with snap closure and safety block
  • Removable telescopic handle with storage compartment
  • Large grid panels for air circulation
  • Complete with bowl and hygienic pad made of draining plastic
  • With holes for the screws (included)
  • Includes handy bands to be applied on the door
  • Possibility to use with a wheel set to make it easier to move the carrier (wheels are optional)
  • Note: Contact your air company to make sure the carrier can be boarded
  • Maximum capacity for Atlas 50 Professional Reflex: 30 kg
  • Maximum capacity for Atlas 60 Professional Reflex: 45 kg
  • Net weight of Atlas 50 carrier: 7.68 kg
  • Net weight of Atlas 60 carrier: 10.91 kg

Plastic food bowl

Draining hygienic pad

Screws and bands

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